Making your Website

You will have a 1 on 1 conversation with me via over the phone or in person (depending on your location). If after our conversation you are ready to proceed, you will pay a (non -refundable) deposit of half the total cost of your website. [ Example: if your site will cost $400, you will pay $200 for me to begin work and pay the remaining balance upon completion of the site]. The site will be turned over to you upon making the final payment.

During the creation of your website you and I will communicate daily and throughout the day. I will continue to make the changes you request until the site meets your expectations. It will be a very rewarding process as you see your website come to life.

Depending on your business I will begin working on your site with either Shopify, or Square space. You will have access to see and review your site as I am working on it. Upon completion, I will turn over ownership of the site to you. At this point you will need to pay for a hosting plan. You will also need to purchase your domain name. If you have any questions I highly suggest you contact me via the contact form or feel free to call me!